Shou Ren Zhai Health & Wellness Centre is the first

“Health Improvement” Organization which set up by Wahgen Inc. in the United States. We inherit and carry forward the principles and techniques of Ancient Oriental Traditional Chinese Medicine, and diagnose or predict the health status by “feeling the pulse”, “observing the tongue”, “observing the complexion”,” analyzing the body posture” and “asking for the physical health details”.  
According to the Five Elements principle of Oriental Classical Chinese Medicine, we offer ways to help our clients for recuperation including but not limited with oriental herbal, diet, holographic reflection area and self-breathing, to help them find a suitable way for themselves to balance YinYang and rebuild a well health status.

Special offers for Members

How to be a member:

Individual membership:

Special discounts for persons engaged in the following occupations:

Our current services and charges are as follows:

Main Service Items Specific Service Items Charge for non-members
Consultation online or in person and Provide recuperation plan
Oriental herbal Recuperation
Diet recuperation
Essential oil recuperation
Physical rehabilitation
Personalized Taiji exercise
Wuming Standing exercise
Oriental traditional
Ear acupoint application
Hand acupoint application

Our Location

Century Heights Urban Office

Face to the building,go to the left door

Go into the eastern door

Go to 2nd floor with elevator

After arrive second floor,go to the right side:

Suite 234

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