Essential Oil

While Western medicine is extensive and discovers new things daily, it has some limitations. For instance, Western medicine doesn’t have a comprehensive understanding of energetic patterns and synchronicities. As a result, it doesn’t understand how mysterious patterns and links found in nature can help cure specific ailments.  

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils have great importance in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It’s believed that essential oils can help cure numerous ailments and improve health. Plant aromatics play an important role in herbal therapeutics in Traditional Chinese Medicine. As a result, ancient Chinese medical practitioners believed essential oils and aromatic herbs were strongly correlated to defense qi. They believed these oils could strengthen Wei qi, protecting the body from germs and other bacteria. They also noted that essential oils had germ-fighting and immuno-supportive powers.

What Are The Benefits of Essential Oils?

Aromatherapy using essential oils is often used to cure Shen disturbances in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It’s believed that aroma can directly influence parts of the brain related to circadian rhythm, memory, and emotion. Some aromatic herbs are also used internally to support the Qi and Yang of the spleen. These herbs strengthen the body’s respiratory system by circulating Qi. They also clear dampness within the digestive system. In addition, base note essential oils are also known for grounding and meditation. They also promote fertility and treat chronic conditions that might arise because the soul’s potential is being suppressed.

Essential Oils in San Antonio, Texas

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